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Today’s Fire Service is more competitive than ever before, and it's becoming harder every day to find an ideal job. Those selected for commission are often only hundredths of a point ahead of applicants who are not hired! The key to success is found in preparation, and we are here to help you achieve your goals.

We rebuilt Firefighter Promotional Exams with one goal in mind.  


No software to download, no apps to buy, no clumsy binders to carry with you.

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Just passing an exam isn’t good enough anymore.

If you want the job, want the promotion, and want to excel in this profession, you must master the study materials.  

Firefighter Promotional Exams offers you the chance to earn the edge and move your career forward.

Our exams are written by industry professionals out of the same texts you have been asked to study. We use our years of experience to craft questions that will exhaust the material.

Just about everyone will score higher than 75% after reading the text once or twice. A few people will take the effort to study a little harder and score higher than 90%. Only those who are exceptional will put in the hard work that it takes to score higher than 95%. We have the study material that will place YOU at the top of the list.

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Our subscription service allows you to take ALL of your study questions with you!  If you have your smart phone, you have fingertip access to 1,000's of questions.  This unique feature makes us an industry leader when it comes to studying for a fire service exam.

Don't lug around piles of note cards, three ring binders, or CD's that require you to install software on a computer.   

Throw away the note cards!

Your time is valuable and you should use it to study. Don’t waste time writing questions! 

We take each text page by page and write hundreds of questions that not only cover the chapter objectives, but also dig into the details of the subject matter. It’s the details that will help you master the subject, and mastering the details will give you a distinct advantage on test day.  Try it out for free!

Study at your pace.

Every question we write is referenced with a chapter and page number, so reviewing your fire service text is easier. You customize the quizzes so you can maximize your study time. Our site allows you to take only a short quiz on one chapter, or the entire text if you’d like. Using our FLASHCARDS feature, you can rapidly scan the test questions on your computer or smartphone.  Our multiple choice and true/false questions will challenge your depth of knowledge on each subject.

Get interrupted? Not a problem, our programs are built to allow you to step away, and upon your return pick right back up where you left off.

Unlike our competitors, we allow UNLIMITED ACCESS to your subscription.  Take the tests and practice with the flashcards as many times as you'd like during your subscription period.  Your materials are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

You receive instant feedback on your performance, and we also provide a complete history of your study time and overall quiz scores.

When it comes to online fire service exam prep, we are the new industry leader.  Try it out for free!

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We encourage you to take a risk free test drive of our exam services. View the video tutorials, take the "Try It Out" exam and try every feature on the site. We are absolutely positive that you will want to make us your study partner that we offer our services RISK FREE.

Don't like the service?  Submit a support request within 6 hours of purchase and receive a full refund.  Please understand that due to the nature of our service, a short trial period is required.

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