Fellow Firefighters, Officer candidates, and Probationary candidates

For several years Firefighter Promotional Exams has strived to pass along as much information in the area of candidate testing as possible. Numbering in the thousands, these candidates have gone on to obtain dream jobs, secure promotions for themselves, and expand their base of knowledge to make themselves safer, more effective Firefighters.

The process of gleaning information from the vast library of books available is a very time consuming process. This process, if not done with great care and the highest standards will lead to less than ideal information being passed along. Coupled with these demands come the personal demands of our growing and ever changing careers. This has led to the decision to cease operations.

Any current paid subscriptions will be honored and these customers will retain the service that they came to expect.

I would like to pass along a very heartfelt “thank you” to the developer of the website and the real genius who kept the gears turning in the background. His work is priceless and without him none of this could have ever taken shape. Thanks Scott.

I wish all of you good luck and perhaps someday we will meet on the fireground.

John Halgren

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